Saturday, December 20, 2008

72-Hour Observations

Weekend Psych News

Milgram revisited
Researchers working on two separate studies have replicated the infamous 1963 Stanley Milgram experiments with equally unnerving results. You probably recall that in Milgram's original work, volunteers were instructed to deliver electrical shocks to a subject, an actor in reality, each time he answered a question incorrectly. Even when the actor cried out in pain, or became unresponsive, volunteers continued to shock them with increasing voltage.
Things haven't changed much since 1963. One of the current studies, found that 70% of the volunteers were willing to inflict up to 450-volt shocks to their unlucky victims.
Read more about the research on the BBC.

Narcissistic kids react aggressively to shame
New research found that kids who score high on narcissistic traits can become aggressive when faced with shaming experiences. Read more about this at the University of Michigan website.

Trouble in Tampa Bay
The children's mental health center at Tampa Bay Academy was stripped of its license and shut down last week by Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration. According to Tampa Bay Online, the state made their move after finding "gross mimanagement" and "substandard conditions" at the 20-year-old facility.Sphere: Related Content

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