Friday, August 1, 2008

A Gene of Interest for Schizophrenia Researchers

Researchers at Cardiff University in Wales, home of 2007 Nobel Prize winner for medicine Sir Martin Evans, etched a new place in history, this time for their genetic exploration of schizophrenia.

The team looked at genes that occur commonly in individuals with schizophrenia than those without it. What popped out them was one gene in particular, ZNF804A , which seems to work by turning other genes on and off. Now science will have to discover exactly which ones ZNF804A is fooling with. Their findings were published in the journal Nature Genetics on the evening of July 30th.

“The main message from this study is hope that the modern weapons of biomedical science will ultimately defeat the secrets of the disease," said Professor Michael O’Donovan of the Cardiff's School of Medicine, who led the study.

Many predict that the very core of psychiatry will change in the next few decades as the genetic secrets of mental illness are unraveled. The genetic treatment of devastating illnesses like schizophrenia will indeed be a godsend.
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concerned heart said...

older paternal age is the source of the sperm stem cell mutations in much sporadic schizophrenia

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